What I do

I have spent the past 20+ years drawing, painting, sculpting, spraying and designing all sorts of stuff. Much of this work has been as lead artist with Malarky, an arts company I set up in 1997 which is primarily focused on community projects. You can see the Malarky website here.

In my role as community artist I’ve worked with thousands of people helping them create all manner of artwork, everywhere from Aberdare to Abu Dhabi. Alongside my community practice I have continually developed my skills and interests in mural art, illustration, anamorphic art, augmented reality and lightpainting photography.

I like to mix things up and try new techniques and media to keep my work fresh and interesting. I’m happiest when spraying a huge mural one day and making a tiny canvas in acrylic paints the next.

I also make carnival giants, masks, draw cartoons, practice calligraphy and 360 photos. Check out my Instagram feed if you’d like to see examples of all these artforms.

Where I live

I’m a lapsed Mancunian who has lived in South Wales since coming here to go to college in 1991. Much of my work is up and down the beautiful South Wales valleys, but I’m often lucky enough to travel to all sorts of interesting places for my work including Spain, Malta, UAE, Germany, France and the Canary Islands.

See a map of my studio location here.