Illusion Artworks

I love illusions of all forms from sleight of hand to the mind-bending mathematical art of M.C. Escher. I have been developing my techniques of illusion art for over 25 years.

3D illusion art is a great way of engaging audiences and I love making works of art that are only complete when someone poses in it to become part of the artwork. I can work in a variety of media including chalk, liquid paints, and aerosol.

Traditionally ​3D street art is made in chalk and can be very expensive considering the short lifespan of the artwork, so I often like to create unique floor graphics. My adhesive backed graphics will adhere to almost any surface with a minimum life expectancy of 3 months outdoors and 6 months indoors .Many examples have lasted for several years with little sign of wear and tear.

The graphics are easy to install and easy to remove, leaving no residue. The product is the only floor graphic licensed for use on the Underground by London Transport, due to its high safety rating and ease of removal.​

​I can also use the graphics for more traditional ‘live art’ events in which I can paint a blank, or partially printed​,​ floor graphic with durable inks which bond permanently to the material.