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Parc Penallta Education Centre Artworks

I had a fab time at Parc Penallta creating a 360 degree mural and educational artworks. I’ll write about it in more detail one day. However I’ve just stumbled across this blog post from the lovely people at Luximprint who donated a fly’s eye lens to help me out with the project… Park Penallta Mural Art by Artist Andy O’Rourke

Pics and flicks finished artworks

As well as painting this perspective-bending collection of species and habitats I also added some other elements to make it fun for the kids who use the education centre at Parc Penallta. All the flowers were coated with invisible ultraviolet reactive paint. When a group visits the centre the rangers can shut all the windows and use a UV torch to give the kids a sense of what bees and other pollinators see as they fly around. Flowers in nature have UV markings so that they can attract the pollinators, which are able to see UV light.

I also used a CCTV camera to capture all the activity in a birdbox on the exterior of the building and have it played on a small screen inside another birdbox which was installed in the room.

There were also some mini worlds embedded in the walls. We made little scenes inside boxes that could be viewed through fish-eye lenses. There was a mouse nest, some grubs in a log and a look at the layers of earth.