Munduruku Tribe Portraits

All these portraits were painted freehand using Molotow Premium spray cans on primed canvas.

Several of the images come from the amazing photographer Mauricio Lima from and article that I first saw here in the Al Jazeera America . Please read about their ongoing fight against the Brazilian Government who are planning to destroy their homeland by constructing a huge dam.

The image of the woman with the feathers is from a photo by Julia Moreas.

I was inspired by Mauricio’s incredible portraits and started to look in to the story about the plight of the Munduruku people and was compelled to paint these portraits. After seeking Mauricio’s permission I have been able to donate all 4 portraits to Amazon Beat community – “A volunteer non-profit community connecting to the Amazon, its peoples, climate change & Latin American culture through a series of event fund/info raisers”. Check out their Facebook page here Hopefully they’ll be able to use them to raise some money…