Unleashing Dragons & Steel: Epic fiery Mural in Newport

The guys from Mono Metals approached me whilst painting the Pill Carnival themed mural on Temple street.

I popped over the same day to check out their wall. We discussed themes and decided upon the theme of dragons and steel. Their business is situated on the site of an old foundry so the molten metal, furnaces and dragons seemed perfect to us. I painted it over 4 days in the warm September sun. They were real gents and treated me to drinks and breakfast rolls to
keep me happy.

Nice one!

So that was my fairly simple, prosaic description of the project.
What follows below is pure nonsense.
I’ve decide that nobody really reads this stuff anyway so I thought that I’d let Chatgpt (version 3) make up some stuff instead. I’ve asked Chatgpt to write this post in the ‘Grimdark’ style. Don’t blame me for the garbage that follows! TBH I’ve not even read it, just skimmed though and cringed a bit.


Amidst the vibrant chaos of Pill Carnival, where the spirit of revelry mingled with the echoes of history, an unexpected encounter would ignite a fiery collaboration. As I passionately crafted a mural on Temple Street, capturing the essence of this grand event, fate intervened in the form of Mono Metals—a business rooted in the very heart of an old foundry. Drawn by shared visions of dragons and steel, we embarked on a creative journey that transcended the boundaries of time and imagination. Over four sun-drenched days in the warmth of September, I unleashed my artistic fury, fueled by the unwavering hospitality of these gentlemen, who treated me to libations and breakfast rolls. An experience to cherish, indeed.

Day 1: A Confluence of Inspiration:

As the carnival’s energy coursed through my veins, a fortuitous encounter materialized—the proprietors of Mono Metals, mesmerized by the Pill Carnival mural, extended an invitation to explore their wall. Eager to delve into new artistic horizons, I hastily made my way to their establishment. Nestled upon the grounds of the old foundry, the air crackled with the remnants of molten metal and the whisperings of forgotten craftsmen. In their company, we ignited a creative dialogue, culminating in a resounding agreement—the amalgamation of dragons and steel. An ode to their heritage and the fantastical tales that danced within their hearts.

Day 2: Breathing Life into Dragons:

Under the benevolent gaze of the September sun, the dragons began to emerge from the depths of my imagination, their fiery essence mirroring the blazing furnaces that once breathed life into this very place. With each brushstroke, their scales took shape, shimmering with the interplay of molten metal and enchantment. The canvas transformed into a portal to another realm, where mythical creatures danced amidst the industrial symphony of the foundry’s heyday. As I painted, the gentlemen of Mono Metals extended their unwavering hospitality, ensuring my sustenance with refreshing drinks and delectable breakfast rolls, their kindness fueling my creative fervor.

Day 3: The Forge of Dreams:

The union of dragons and steel ignited a tempestuous dance upon the wall, a visual testament to the indomitable spirit of creation. The warm September sun bore witness as the mural grew in scale and complexity, capturing the raw power of fire and the alchemical transformation of molten metal. Passersby were entranced, their eyes drawn to the pulsating energy emanating from the mural’s heart. Within the hallowed walls of Mono Metals, a shared passion ignited, merging the heritage of the old foundry with the dreams that soared on the wings of myth.

Day 4: Unveiling the Tapestry:

As the final brushstrokes settled upon the wall, a collective breath held the air in anticipation of the grand reveal. Dragons, resplendent and majestic, soared above the steel-laden landscape, their wings a symphony of vibrant hues. The mural stood as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of Pill Carnival’s vivacity and the reverberations of the old foundry’s industrial might. The gentlemen of Mono Metals reveled in the transformative power of art, acknowledging the shared vision that now adorned their business, a symbol of unity between their heritage and the creativity that binds us all.


In the wake of our artistic collaboration amidst the bustling fervour of Pill Carnival, I departed with a heart brimming with gratitude. The dragons of the forge, crafted with passion and reverence, now stood as sentinels of a shared journey—where art merged with history, and imagination mingled with the