Porsche Trompe L’Oeil

I seem to be picking up quite a few quick mural jobs in between my bigger commissions for organisations.

I was approached by the daughter of this client after she saw my mural in the container in Rogerstone. Her dad was looking for a graffiti artist to decorate his garage, home to his Porsche and classic cars.

I popped in to visit the client, took some photos and made a mock up on the iPad.

It’s actually a little nerve wracking having to paint something for an enthusiast and specialist who knows his subject inside and out as any minor mistakes are glaring to them. The guy wanted a particular colour, lava orange 🍊, and a very specific model of the 911 Porsche.

Anyway, this is what i came up with…

Porsche Trompe l’oeil

It took me just over a day and came out pretty well i think. I love making illusions and even though this is pretty basic I like how just a few simple shadows can make a convincing effect.

It’s mostly spray paint, but i also used acrylic inks for some of the super fine detail.