Barry Community Garden artwork

Another art conundrum:

Paint a metal container to brighten up a beautiful community garden in Barry. Sounds easy?

Hmm. It needs sanding and priming and then needs to be designed and painted by young children on the fly. The materials need to be child friendly, but the artwork needs to be permanent. It needs to be created at a low level for kids to work at, but needs to reach to the top of the container which is 2.4m high.


We had a group of adults volunteer to prepare the surface. On the painting days we primed exterior vinyl with Zinsser bullseye and then painted it with Zinsser Allcoat, acrylic paint and molotow One4All paint markers.

All the shapes were then cut out and applied to the container in patterns which we worked out collaboratively.

We had everyone from babies to senior citizens take an active part in the creation of the artwork.

I’m pretty chuffed =)