During lockdown, whilst panicking over all my work opportunities crumbling and blurring away in the wind I was given a great opportunity by Dunes2Dunes and Bridgend Council.

The common lizard

The brief was to create some sort of home learning resource for children about the newt and lizard species of the Bridgend coastline and dune slack system.

A palmate newt hanging around, doing his thing.

I ended up designing and illustrating an interactive PowerPoint presentation. I haven’t used PowerPoint in years,  but it seemed like a great way to make a very accessible resource which can be viewed on any device or downloaded for offline use.

Palmate newt design using digital watercolour software

It was a really nice project and was very happy with the outcome. I also picked up some handy new skills and the much needed income over lockdown meant that we could abandon our plan to eat the dog, Fred.

You can see the finished project here. The presentation can be viewed online, however if you want to see all the animations and hear all the sounds properly then you are best downloading the show and viewing using the PowerPoint app on an iPad or the desktop program.

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