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The Vibrant Butterfly Mural Brightening Up Pontymoile


Back in November of 2022, a collaborative art project took shape in Pontymoile’s picturesque canal basin. Local artist Andy O’Rourke teamed up with young participants from Inspire2Achieve and Changing Gearz, with the generous sponsorship of the Canal & River Trust. Together, they embarked on an artistic journey that would transform two areas of the basin into vibrant displays of nature’s wonders. This blog post takes you behind the scenes to explore the creation and impact of the stunning rose chafer beetle and monarch butterfly murals that now adorn the garage doors and storage container in Pontymoile.

The Collaborative Journey:

Under the guidance of Andy O’Rourke, the young participants learned to harness the power of spray cans as artistic tools. With a spirit of experimentation, they explored various techniques, immersing themselves in the world of street art. Together, they embarked on a creative voyage, using Midjourney’s innovative design tools to develop captivating concepts for the murals.

The Transformation:

In April of this year, the vision became a reality. With spray paint in hand, Andy meticulously brought the gigantic rose chafer beetle to life on the garage doors. Its iridescent hues shimmered in the sunlight, adding a touch of enchantment to the surroundings. Not far away, the storage container eagerly awaited its transformation. And so, with vibrant strokes and a keen eye for detail, it was adorned with a magnificent monarch butterfly. The vibrant orange hues served as a beacon of inspiration and a symbol of transformation, reflecting the canal basin’s ever-evolving beauty.

Community Reception:

The murals quickly caught the attention of passersby, who were captivated by the larger-than-life portrayals of these beautiful creatures. The local canal Facebook group buzzed with excitement as residents shared their admiration and gratitude for the vibrant additions to their community. The beetles and butterflies became the talk of the town, sparking conversations about art, nature, and the power of collaboration. The positive reception from the community served as a testament to the transformative impact of public art.

Symbolism and Inspiration:

Beyond their visual appeal, the murals carry deeper meanings and messages. The rose chafer beetle, with its iridescent colours, symbolizes resilience and adaptability, reminding us of the beauty that can emerge from unexpected places. Meanwhile, the monarch butterfly represents growth, change, and the cycle of life. Its presence on the canoe storage container pays homage to the transformative experiences that await those who embark on the canal journey.


The collaboration between Andy O’Rourke, Inspire2Achieve, Changing Gearz, and the Canal & River Trust culminated in the creation of two magnificent murals that now grace the canal basin in Pontymoile. Through the combined efforts of these passionate individuals and the support of the community, the project successfully blended art, nature, and community engagement. The rose chafer beetle and monarch butterfly murals stand as testaments to the power of collaboration, creativity, and the ability of art to transform spaces and ignite imaginations. As residents and visitors continue to enjoy the vibrant beauty of these murals, they serve as a reminder of the endless possibilities that can emerge when we come together to create something truly extraordinary.