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Windrush Mural

Fred Isaac

I was approached by Carl Danny Connikie earlier in July 2022, after finishing the Pill Carnival mural on Temple Street.

He was interested in having a memorial for Fred Isaacs, who had not long passed away.

Fred came over on the Windrush in 1948 and made his home in Pill.

I’m told that he was a lovely guy and pillar of the community. It was Carl’s vision that the mural both celebrated Fred’s life and the Windrush generation. Carl raised the money and badgered all the necessary officials to ensure that the project happened.

Money was raised by Newport City Council , and donations from the Facebook group ‘Black Pill’

The mural is on the side wall of The All Nations Barbers on Commercial Road.

It was a pretty interesting experience painting on the frontline in Pill. However, everyone seemed to treat me and Fred with great respect, which I appreciated.